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Specific Volunteer Job Opportunities at St. Francis Wildlife

Volunteer Application and Waiver Forms

After you have read the above forms, if you are interested in volunteering with us,
please call Wildlife Rehabilitator Teresa Stevenson, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., at 850.627.4151.


Volunteers are needed to work in the wildlife hospital at the St. Francis Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, located on 35 secluded acres of forest, fields and ponds, four miles northwest of Havana in Gadsden County. It is just 25 minutes from downtown Tallahassee.

There are many jobs for volunteers at St. Francis Wildlife, from feeding animals and cleaning cages to building cages and rescuing and transporting animals. Please read this for specific volunteer job descriptions.

Spring and summer, when we receive more than a thousand orphaned baby birds and animals, is our very busiest time of year. Each baby bird needs to be fed and their paper changed every 20 minutes!

After working with us at the St. Francis Wildlife rehabilitation center, many individuals and families also care for baby squirrels (August - November) in their own homes. When the animals are grown, they are released back to the wild.

Volunteers are also needed to help organize fundraisers and special events and to deliver our quarterly newsletter "Wildilfe Matters" to veterinary offices, restaurants, etc. in Leon County.

Volunteer Barbara Barnett at the Downtown Marketplace

Some of our community events are: the Native Nurseries' Wildlife Celebration in January, the the Pinewoods Bird Festival in April, Owl-O-Ween in October and the Wildlife Baby Shower in May. The last two events are at the Downtown Marketplace. Please see our calendar for a current list of special events.


Volunteers must be at least 18, show proof of medical insurance and sign a liability waiver.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call Wildlife Rehabilitator Teresa Stevenson at 850.627.4151, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Donna Legare teaches children about a red rat snake at the Native Nurseries Wildlife Celebration.


(L to R) Carly, Alba (barn owl) and Sandy Beck at the Wakulla Wildlife Festival

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