What To Do if You Find a Baby Squirrel

Just because a baby squirrel fell out of the nest doesn’t mean it is an orphan.

Pick up the baby and examine it. If it is cold, but appears otherwise healthy, first warm it up. Put the baby in an old t-shirt in a shoebox. Warm up a water bottle in the microwave, wrap it in another t-shirt and place it in the box. Never try to feed the baby or give it milk.

When the baby is warm, place the box at the base of the tree from which it fell. Mother squirrel will not return if there are pets or people near the babies. Nobody knows how to raise a baby squirrel better than a mother squirrel, please give her a chance to retrieve her babies.

If she did not return by dusk, take the babies inside for the night and keep them warm. You can place half the box over a heating pad set on low. Call St. Francis Wildlife at 850.627.4151 to assess the situation and determine the next step. Sometimes, moms come back the next day.

If the baby is injured in any way – you rescued it from a pet’s mouth, its mother is dead or it’s covered with insects, please take it to St. Francis Wildlife.

Baby Gray Squirrel

Baby Flying Squirrel


 St. Francis Wildlife Association