What do to when a bird flies into your window

Reflections from windows can confuse birds. This may cause them to fly into the glass or repeatedly peck at what they see as their competition. Strips of colored plastic flapping in the wind, balloons with big eyes painted on them and falcon silhouette or spider web decals (available at local nurseries) are effective remedies.

If a bird is momentarily stunned by a collision with his "window rival," gently place him on paper towels in a shoe box with small holes punched in the lid for ventilation. Cover the box, wrap a rubber band around it, and place it in a quiet, dark room.

In about 20 minutes, or when you hear him stirring, take the box outdoors, point it away from you, and open the lid. He should bolt for the nearest tree.

If the collision happens at sunset, keep the bird overnight, but do not offer him food or water.

If he does not recover within an hour, take him to St. Francis Wildlife.

Print a falcon silhouette and attach it to a window or glass door to deter birds.

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